Vodice, Hrvatska,  Apartmani, Apartments


Vodice, Hrvatska,  Apartmani, Apartments


Address: Lasan Ante Kabalera 6
22 211 Vodice, Croatia
phone: +385 22 441 836
cell: +385 098 977 51 47
cell: +385 091 549 53 01

For questions / reservations contact the webmaster :

Types of accomodation

We offer 2 kinds of accomodation: apartments and studio apartments. Feel free to choose between them according to your needs. Parking spaces are located in the front yard, and there is an option to use our grill.
Apartments have air conditioning


- The apartment is possible to organize 4-8 beds
- Two bedroom apartments (one room is 15m2 and 2+1 beds), bathroom, kitchen and balcony
- There is a possibility of renting and third room with a balcony, so the apartment has a total of 8 beds
- All rooms are air-conditioned, have WiFi and TV, and have awnings on balconies
- East side of house has a natural shade and a large balcony

Studio apartments

- studio apartment has 2 bed and a basic kitchen with a refridgerator
- studio apartment are air-conditioned, AC is not charged for the reasonable use, and also have WiFi and TV

Location description

- 500m � Maintained city beach
- 500m - "Vodice" bus station
- 100m � "Konzum" � Supermarket